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Armed Forces Committed to Winning Gold at International Cycle Polo

The nation is proud to be six-time gold medalist in the international arena

Indian Army


New Delhi: The Armed Forces in association with Cycle Polo Federation of India (CPFI), creates first of its kind national tournament where the best Cycle Polo teams will compete. A three-day event played between Indian Army`s Armed Corps, Indian Air force and Territorial Army at ACC&S, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra will become a testbed for the players to showcase their best skills and prepare them for the upcoming World Bicycle Polo Championship.

The Armed Forces Cycle Polo Cup 2023 will witness the 3 teams lock heads in 7 matches in a span of 3 days. The final team will take home the udChalo Armed Force Polo Cycle trophy with a prize money of 1.5 lacs. The teams led by world-renowned cyclists like JWO Vishnu S, LD Piyush Kumar Sinha and Sep Sanofar will define the future of India in Cycle Polo in the global arena.

The sport is gathering steam in India amongst the masses. However, past national teams have maximum representation from the Armed Forces. India leads the global tally by winning 6 Gold and 2 bronze medals in the 8 Cycle Polo World Cup in which we have participated. This year Indian Cycle Polo team will be the defending champion of the Cycle Polo World Cup title after winning the last international tournament held in 2019 in Argentina.

To further boost the government’s initiative of ‘Khelo India’ this tournament aims to boost youth’s mass participation and achieve excellence in sports.

Lt Col Bharat Pannu, the event manager of the Armed Forces Cycle Polo Cup 2023, said, ” The Indian Armed Forces has always been at the forefront when it comes to producing sportsmen of international pedigree. Our country`s Cycle Polo Team has made us proud by bringing Gold 6 times in the Cycle Polo World Cup. It is time this sport gets its due recognition and as a nation we unite to celebrate these wonderful players that we harbour within our Armed Forces.”

Mr KK Soni, chief official from Cycle Polo Federation India, said, “Cycle Polo is a fast-paced, high-energy sport that combines the agility of horse polo with the speed and intensity of cycling. It’s an exciting and physically demanding sport that requires skill, precision, and teamwork. Ahmednagar, for the first time will be experiencing this unique sport. We are looking to support the growth and development of the sport in our nation and look forward to a successful season ahead. I wish all the best to team captains.”

udChalo, a leading Consumer Tech Pvt Ltd that exclusively services the defence fraternity of India is the official sponsor of the Armed Forces Cycle Polo Cup 2023. udChalo is dedicated to the motto of making life simpler for the soldiers. Through this association, the brand is dedicated to promote the sport of Cycle Polo in national and international competitions.