India or China: Who is Ahead?

The string of diplomatic events, with India as an important member, started with the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation’s (SCO) annual summit hosted by India virtually in July earlier. The SCO meeting […]


A First Glance at the Ukrainian Counter-Offensive

A trumpeted and long-awaited counter-offensive: Since the beginning of the Russian onslaught, the landbridge between mainland Russia and Crimea has been a key point. The Mariupol oblast, or region, serves several strategic […]

G20 Summit india

G20 Summit Cements India’s Global Appeal

Indian Presidency: India assumed the G20 presidency from Indonesia during the last Bali summit in 2022. It is undoubtedly among the world’s topmost global organisations. Bringing in countries driving the global […]

BRICS Expansion

BRICS Expansion: A Challenge to China?

Diplomacy is all about hope and possibilities. The latter is more significant in any diplomatic action or act. Without contemplating the possibilities of a particular action or act, no nation-state […]