Officers Shortage in three Defence Forces -9427

Indian Army

New Delhi. There is a shortage of 9427 officers in the three armed forces – Army (7399), Navy (1545) and Air Force (483) while it is 68,864 in Personnel Below Officers Rank (PBOR) with Army (38,235), Navy (16,806) and the Air Force (13,823) Parliament was told Wednesday.

The authorized strength of officers in the three forces is 74,494 while their held strength is 65,067 with the Army (42913), Navy (10012) and the Air Force (12142).

The authorized strength for POBR is 14,40,340 while the held strength is 13,71,480 with a shortage of 68,864.

Defence Ministry has prepared digital data of the entire land, properties and estate under its jurisdiction.

The computerization of defence land records under project ‘Raksha Bhoomi’ to digitize land records was undertaken by the Directorate General of Defence Estates in association with National Informatics Centre. Defence Land Records contained in General Land Registers (GLRs) and Military Land Registers (MLRs) were entered in the Raksha Bhoomi Software and made operational after verification and authentication of database in July, 2011.

A total of 9,622.807 acres of Defence land has been encroached in States and Union Territories.