Israel Weapon Industries Launches ARBEL – World’s First-ever Revolutionary Computerised Small Arms System

By Arie Egozi

Defence Industry

Tel Aviv: Israel Weapon Industries (IWI), announced the launch of ARBEL – the world’s first-ever revolutionary computerised small arms system, which according to the company is a groundbreaking advancement in small arms technology that will redefine combat effectiveness on the modern battlefield.


Challenges such as enemies appearing briefly and numerous drones in the air define the modern battlefield. IWI has developed, after a long period of R&D, the revolutionary ARBEL system to address the immediate action in the modern threats at the battlefield. The ARBEL takes into consideration the continuous fights and heavy weights compensating for the operator’s declining physical and mental abilities due to exertion, fatigue, stress, and other factors, thus, increasing survivability.

The ARBEL system increases the lethality, accuracy and survivability of the operator by up to three times more. The system includes three main components: a computer-based platform, an upgraded electronic trigger mechanism with sensors and a new firing mode “ARBEL”, and a removable battery. The ARBEL system does not influence the operation of the gun. The operator can still use the gun as a standard weapon even if the battery runs out.


One significant outcome of the abovementioned features is ammunition saving, which is, of course, one of the big factors during combat situations and training.

IWI’s NEGEV LMG (Light Machine Gun), recognised as the world’s most accurate machine gun, is the first small arm to adopt the ARBEL system, harnessing its unmatched precision and controlled firing capabilities. The electronic trigger, featuring the new firing mode “ARBEL,” along with a built-in fire control system, enhances accuracy, especially in time-sensitive situations. With the ARBEL system significantly enhancing hit probability and increasing lethality up to three times more, the NEGEV LMG with ARBEL system integrated, achieves an 80-90% hit rate on moving targets.

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This unmatched accuracy improves operator safety by effectively countering short target lifespans and significantly reducing the number of shots required to accurately hit targets. Its quick response time, within a fraction of a second, allows it to seize opportunities swiftly, neutralise threats effectively, increase lethality and save on ammunition.


The ARBEL’s energy system offers up to 60 hours of continuous operation without recharging, where inserting a battery activates the computer system and sensors, ensuring uninterrupted functionality even if the battery is deployed. It is optic-agnostic and operates normally in harsh environmental conditions, day or night, allowing operators to choose the required optic configuration for missions. The ARBEL can be imbedded to any other Light Machine Gun without affecting its operational system and user interface

The ARBEL is compatible with assault rifle such as the ARAD and any other AR-15 compatible rifle, by simply replacing the lower receiver. Its compatibility with existing weaponry eliminates the need for replacements, allows for swift upgrades, and simplifies the shooting cycle, requiring minimal training for operators to continue using their equipment.

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The ARBEL also fills a crucial operational gap worldwide by enabling drone takedowns with minimal ammunition, boosting accuracy and lethality for various firearms, and meeting NATO standards. It excels at engaging diverse targets, especially moving ones, offering a significant advantage in dynamic combat scenarios.

“The ARBEL system not only increases combat lethality and survivability significantly but also sets new standards for precision and operational efficiency in dynamic combat environments,” said Ronen Hamudot, Executive Vice President, Marketing and Sales at IWI and the SK Group.

“This groundbreaking technology marks a new era in small arms, showcasing IWI’s dedication to innovation and excellence, poised to redefine the capabilities of light machine guns and small arms globally. The ARBEL, with its simple and intuitive design, offers reliability and effectiveness at a level unmatched in modern warfare,” Ronen Hamudot added.