Israel Aerospace Industries Inaugurates its First Visitors Centre in the United States

By Arie Egozi

Defence Industry

Tel Aviv: Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), inaugurated its first visitors centre in the United States on May 22. This is part of the Israeli defence industry effort to enhance its activities in the US market. The establishment of the centre is an initiative of Amir Peretz, Chairman of the IAI Board of Directors and former Minister of Defence, who has led the company’s expansion activities in the USA.


The visitor’s centre, located in Washington, was opened to deepen relationships and connections with its local partners – including government officials, the US military and local companies – and for them to interact with IAI’s products and capabilities using state-of-the-art innovative technology such as virtual reality.

Two of the company’s defence systems helped successfully prevent Iran’s April 14 attack against Israel from causing mass casualties, including the Arrow anti-ballistic missile and the company’s radars which are used in the Iron Dome.


Many of IAI’s clients and partners in America and Israel joined in the opening of the centre which reflects the deep connection between Israel Aerospace Industries and the United States, and IAI’s central role in supporting the security of the State of Israel and that of its partners around the world.

Chairman of IAI’s Board of Directors and Israel’s Former Minister of Defence, Amir Peretz commented, “I announce the establishment of two new facilities.  The first is the Visitors’ Centre that we officially open here, today.  The second is an innovation centre that we plan to launch this coming at the end of July.  Both facilities will serve as a bridge between IAI, the public at large and decision-makers here in Washington, DC.”

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President and CEO of IAI, Boaz Levy said, “IAI is proud to launch its new visitors centre in the US that will showcase the company’s capabilities, products and solutions for the aerospace and defence market. We have a long-standing relationship with the US defence community as well as with commercial companies.  I hope that the new visitor centre in Washington DC will increase opportunities for extensive future collaborations.”

“The opening of an innovative visitor centre in Washington DC, reflects the company’s strategy, namely, to work to deepen business and technological activities with our partners in the US. These ventures demonstrate a combination of the IAI’s rich history with the American defence market alongside joint future initiatives, and their launch is a proactive step to strengthen IAI’s business activities in the United States,” said IAI Executive Vice President of North American Affairs, Amir Geva.