Indian Army is Always Ready to Operate in the Full Spectrum of Conflict, Modernisation and Self-Reliance Key to Tackle Future Challenges: Army Chief Gen Dwivedi

Indian Army

New Delhi: General Upendra Dwivedi, a day after assuming charge as Indian Army Chief, has articulated his vision for a modern, self-reliant army equipped with the latest technology and weapons.


Delivering his first public remark after inspecting a guard of honour at South Block, General Dwivedi highlighted the unique operational challenges faced by the Indian Army. He stressed the importance of equipping soldiers with state-of-the-art weaponry and continuously evolving war-fighting strategies to stay ahead of potential threats.

Under General Dwivedi’s leadership, the Indian Army is poised to address current and future security challenges facing India, particularly in the context of the ongoing border tensions with China in eastern Ladakh.

“I am fully conscious of the responsibility assigned to me, and I assure the country and fellow citizens that the Indian Army is fully capable and ready to face all current and future challenges,” he said, reinforcing his commitment to maintaining India’s security.

Ensuring synergy between the Army, Air Force, and Navy is one of General Dwivedi’s top priorities. He believes that coordinated efforts among these branches are crucial for addressing the full spectrum of conflict and safeguarding India’s interests. “It will be my endeavour to ensure that the Indian Army is always ready to operate in the full spectrum of conflict, maintaining complete synergy with the Indian Navy, Indian Air Force, and other stakeholders,” he noted. This approach aligns with the broader national vision of ‘Viksit Bharat-2047’, aiming for a developed and self-reliant India by 2047.

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Committed to advancing the ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’ (self-reliant India) initiative in the defence sector and a strong proponent of indigenous military hardware, General Dwivedi’s remarks reflect his deep understanding of the rapidly changing geopolitical landscape and the fast-paced evolution of technology. He acknowledged the distinct challenges posed by India’s active borders with Pakistan and China and the ongoing counter-terrorism operations in regions like Jammu and Kashmir and the Northeast.

Expressing immense pride in leading the Indian Army, he said, “This is a moment of immense pride and honour for me to be assigned the responsibility to lead the Indian Army.” He paid tribute to the soldiers’ legacy of valour and sacrifice, recognizing the immense responsibility of his position. His commitment extends to the welfare of all ranks within the Army, defence civilians, and ex-servicemen, including the families of fallen soldiers.


The new Army Chief’s vision for the future includes accelerating the induction of new technology into the Army’s ranks. He recognises the need to stay ahead of evolving threats by continuously upgrading military capabilities. His emphasis on modernising the Army aligns with global trends and ensures that India remains prepared for any future conflicts. “The geo-political landscape is changing rapidly, and technology is evolving at a very fast pace,” he remarked.

General Dwivedi’s commitment to the Army’s transformation and self-reliance is evident in his approach to indigenous initiatives. By focusing on homegrown solutions and integrating domestically manufactured war systems, he aims to enhance the Army’s operational readiness and effectiveness. This strategy not only strengthens national defence but also promotes the growth of India’s defence industry.

General Dwivedi said the Indian Army is on the “path to transformation” and it aspires to be ‘Atmanirbhar’ (self-reliant) in defence. “To achieve this, we will encourage indigenous initiatives and induct maximum war systems and equipment that are manufactured in our country,” he said.

The Indian Army, under General Dwivedi’s leadership, is set on a path of transformation, prioritising modernisation and self-reliance. His vision encompasses maintaining complete synergy with other branches of the armed forces and stakeholders, ensuring that India’s security interests are well-protected. As the Army continues to evolve and adapt to new challenges, General Dwivedi’s leadership promises a robust and technologically advanced force ready to face any adversary.