Elbit Systems Awarded Contract Worth US$166 million from UK Ministry of Defence for Royal Navy’s Training Programme


Defence Industry

Tel Aviv. Elbit Systems has been awarded a contract valued at approximately US$166 million from the UK Ministry of Defence for the Royal Navy Future Naval Training Programme as part of the Fisher consortium led by Capita plc. The contract will be performed over a 12-year period.

The Program calls for the transformation and modernisation of the shore-based training of the Royal Navy including the establishment of the Future Submarine School. As the provider and integrator of training solutions for the Consortium, Elbit Systems UK will develop and deliver a new Combat Systems Operator Trainer in the Future Submarine School and modernise and manage legacy synthetic training systems across the Royal Navy.

Elbit Systems UK will provide new training technologies that will improve Defence Operational Training Capability while facilitating availability and efficiency of legacy capabilities.

In late 2020, a consortium led by Capita has been selected as the winning bidder to provide training services to the Royal Navy and the Royal Marines.

The company will now help to modernise the Royal Navy’s shore-based training across 16 sites in the UK, as the lead partner in a consortium which bid as Fisher Training. The other members of the consortium are Raytheon UK, Elbit Systems UK and Fujitsu, as well as with several smaller British suppliers.

The contract will be worth around £925m over 12 years, with the consortium combining a range of technologies, processes and training management systems.

These include running live on-the-ground training, as well as developing new methods like digital learning and training simulation technology.

The consortium will also manage all the associated Royal Navy training equipment – including procurement and decommissioning – provide data through performance dashboards and manage IT infrastructure, as well as run learning hubs and career advice services.

The new services will be delivered by an expected 1,100 of the consortium members’ employees, working alongside Royal Navy personnel.

-The writer is an Israel-based freelance journalist