DroneAcharya Enters SpaceTech, Successfully Tests Reusable Rocket Launch Vehicle


New Delhi: A historic move was made by DroneAcharya Aerial Innovations on August 23 as it successfully tested a Reusable Rocket Launch Vehicle. The Vehicle attained an altitude of about 3 KM above ground and successfully landed using a Parachute Mechanism. The Vehicle had Air Pressure Sensor, Heat Sensor, Internal combustion Sensor, Air friction Sensor (with calculation) and Miniature parachute for equipment recovery onboard. The major highlight of this test was that there was a 100% recovery of the onboard sensors as well as the Rocket Launch Vehicle.

This test coincided with the successful soft lunar landing of ISRO’s (Indian Space Research Centre) Chandrayaan – 3 today.

The objective of the test was to calculate the burn rate of the solid propellent fuel, attaining an altitude of 3 km and returning back to station in operational condition. Further, the company plans to achieve altitudes of 10 KM and subsequently 30 to 50 KM to collect valuable atmospheric and meteorological data. This feat could be extrapolated to wider applications like Suborbital research and testing, aerospace system testing, parabolic testing and testing of aerodynamic designs

This is an important feat as it could be a progressive step towards environment friendly reusable measures for collection of data for climate and environmental studies.

Sharing the objective of the mission, Prateek Srivastava, Founder and Managing Director said, “This SpaceTech initiative by DroneAcharya directly compliments our existing Drone Tech solutions as the former correlates with the Macro solutions of overall climatic studies while the latter deals with Drone Based Imagery and on – ground situational studies”.