Bellatrix Aerospace Successfully Tests Electric Satellite Engine, Green Fuel in Space


Bengaluru: Bellatrix Aerospace has successfully validated its cutting-edge Rudra and Arka propulsion systems to be working in the harsh conditions of space. The two payloads were launched aboard the Indian Space Research Organisation’s (ISRO) PSLV-C58 mission on January 1.

Representing a revolutionary shift from traditional toxic propellants like hydrazine to a non-toxic, high-performance alternative, the Rudra green propulsion system is not only safer but also aligns with international efforts to reduce the environmental footprint of space exploration. The Rudra system is particularly suited for satellite missions that demand high thrust, offering a cleaner solution without compromising performance.

Another marvel from Bellatrix Aerospace, the Arka electric engine complements Rudra’s capabilities, Unlike conventional propulsion systems that rely on chemical reactions, Arka uses electricity to generate thrust.

This approach results in superior fuel efficiency and enhanced control, enabling satellites to operate longer and manoeuvre more precisely. The Arka engine is tailored for missions where efficiency is paramount.

Expressing satisfaction with the performance of both systems in space, Bellatrix Aerospace’s CEO & CTO, Rohan M Ganapathy said that it met all design specifications. The successful operation of Rudra was evidenced by the observed displacement of the POEM-3 platform, while Arka’s ignition and functioning were confirmed through onboard sensor data. These results validate the systems’ performance, mirroring ground test outcomes.

Marking a significant stride towards environmentally friendly satellite technology, ISRO acknowledged Bellatrix Aerospace’s validation of the Rudra green propulsion system and Arka electric engines.

The Indian space agency said in an update, “ISRO’s POEM platform enables an Indian space start-up to validate its innovation. Bellatrix Aerospace validates Rudra green propulsion system and Arka electric engines, towards satellite missions with eco-friendly tech. Time to rejoice the success of Indian innovation!.”