Alpha Design Receives Order from Indian Army for 400 Software Defined Radios

Defence Industry

New Delhi: Alpha Defence Technologies Limited (ADTL) has received order from  Indian Army for supplying 400 plus Software Defined Radios for its armoured regiments. These 400 SDRs will allow Indian Army’s armoured regiments to securely exchange data, voice between each other.

Different from the earlier Analog radios in terms of their ability to operate in multiple bands instead of the single band of earlier Analog radios, these SDRs are highly secure and not susceptible to interception by the enemy.

“Indian Army has taken a giant step in ordering 400 armoured fighting vehicles SDRs for their tank fleets. We have already signed the contract and manufacturing is in process. We have also offered our man pack SDRs and they have already been evaluated,” said Col HS Shankar (Retd), CMD of ADTL.

The Indian Navy operates Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) made SDRs, while the ADTL is working on needs of the Air Force and Army. These SDRs are developed by ADTL in collaboration with DRDO.

According to ADLTL CMD Col Shankar, the SDR uses embedded electronics which use software-oriented high-end algorithms based waveforms allows large hopping rate, encryption in anti-jamming voice, data video, IP and mobile ad-hoc network. ADTL in partnership with Israel’s Elbit Systems is exploring export markets and their SDRs have already gained inter-operability with SDRs of a different firm used by IAF.