DAC Approves Proposal Worth Rs 7,800 Crore to Empower, Enhance Operational Capabilities of Indian Armed Forces

Indian Army

New Delhi: The Defence Acquisition Council (DAC) on August 24 gave its nod to proposals worth Rs 7,800 crore to enhance the operational capabilities of the Indian Armed Forces. The DAC meeting was chaired by defence minister Rajnath Singh.

The approval for capital acquisition plans will have a significant impact and significantly strengthen the Indian Armed Forces. The ministry said that all procurements will be made from indigenous sources only.

“To enhance the efficiency of the Indian Air Force, the DAC has granted AoN for procurement and installation of Electronic Warfare (EW) Suite on Mi-17 V5 Helicopters under Buy (Indian-IDDM) category which will enhance better survivability of helicopters,” the defence ministry release said. The acquisition and installation of an Electronic Warfare (EW) Suite, to be sourced from Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL), promises to substantially enhance the survivability of the helicopters, contributing to improved efficiency.

Further, the DAC’s decision also encompassed the AoN for obtaining a Ground-Based Autonomous System tailored for mechanised infantry and armoured regiments. This autonomous system is projected to revolutionise various operations, including unmanned surveillance, logistical delivery of essentials such as ammunition, fuel, and spares, as well as casualty evacuation within the battlefield.

Diversifying the scope of enhancement further, the DAC approved the procurement of a 7.62×51 mm Light Machine Gun (LMG) and a Bridge Laying Tank (BLT). The inclusion of the LMG is anticipated to elevate the combat capabilities of the infantry forces, while the introduction of the BLT is poised to facilitate swifter movement of the Mechanised Forces. The DAC also approved the procurement of ruggedised laptops and tablets for the Indian Army, as part of Project Shakti. Notably, all the procurements are set to be sourced exclusively from domestic vendors, aligning with the country’s commitment to self-reliance and domestic manufacturing.

“To enhance the operational capability of the MH-60R Helicopters of the Indian Navy, the DAC has accorded AoN for procurement of weapons for the same,” the ministry said. A strategic move to augment the operational potential of the MH-60R Helicopters belonging to the Indian Navy. The acquisition of weapons tailored for these helicopters holds the promise of significantly enhancing the Navy’s capabilities and effectiveness in various maritime scenarios.

Signifying a momentous stride towards fortifying the Armed Forces’ operational capacities, the AoNs granted by DAC for these initiatives pave the way for the realisation of enhanced efficiency, survivability, and combat prowess across different branches of the Armed Forces.